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Covid & Travel: Are You gambling With Your Money?

Let’s face it, whether it be for a short or long haul, traveling right now is still a risk. Airlines are still sporadically canceling flights, there’s hotels & resorts that are still not open & if you’re American, not everyone is letting us in. And then there’s the ever-changing mandates on Covid Tests upon entry (Looking at you, Jamaica).

But in spite of all that, there are people that are willing to risk it all and are booking vacations. Do so, but be smart about it, as travel suppliers at this point are starting to go back to Pre-Covid cancellation policies. So what can you do to protect your investment? Look for travel insurance companies that offer “Cancel for any reason” insurance, as of now, this is the only insurance that allows you to cancel pre-trip, regardless of the reason. Several travel insurance companies offer it, but each has different eligibility rules. Some allow you to book within 21 days of deposit and others, it must be the same day. Also some may or may not exempt medical coverage if you come down sick with Covid, so be sure to read the policy coverage thoroughly.

I’ve had clients that had to cancel for various Covid related reasons & for those who purchased insurance, they were able to recoup most of their costs back, while others only received a partial refund or credit.

Protect your vacation, like you would your auto or home, don’t gamble your money away.


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