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Costa Rica: Tempisque River and Puente la Amistad

The Tempisque River, or Río Tempisque, is 144 kilometres (89 mi) long, located entirely in Csoat Rica flowing from the Guancaste Cordillera near the Orosi Volcano and emptying into the Gulf of Nicoya. It passes through the Palo Verde national Park and is an important habitat for various species of animals like: crocodiles, monkeys, iguanas and lots of birds.

The river is heavily silted, limiting navigation to shallow crafts that can cross the muddy flats. Tidal conditions dictate the timing to cross the bar at the river mouth.

Historically the Tempisque was used to float logs down to the sea. The logs were gathered at Chira Island to be loaded on ships.

The Tempisque River bridge, knows as Puente la Amistad was built linking the Nicoya Peninsula to southern Guanacaste and hence significantly cut travel time to San José. It was funded by a gift from the Taiwanese government, and opened in November 2002.

This bridge spans the Tempisque River, on National Route 18, in Guanacaste, northern Costa Rica. Although generally known as a cable-stayed bridge, it is really a hybrid bridge composed of a cable-stayed span and a pillar-supported bridge.

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