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Costa Rica: An ancient drink from the Chorotegas indigenous group!

A historic indigenous drink from the area of Guanacaste from the Chorotegas indigenous group in Costa Rica. The Chorotegas come from Mesoamerica and it is estimated that they arrived in Central America between the 6th and 7th centuries. They are considered the southernmost ethnic group of Mesoamerican culture. They founded towns in southern Honduras, currently the Honduran department or province of Choluteca owes its name to them. In pre-Hispanic times they also lived in eastern El Salvador. In Nicaragua, the Chorotegas (Dirianes and Nagrandanos) settled on the Pacific slope of Nicaragua, from where they displaced peoples belonging to the cultures of the Intermediate Area. In turn, later they had to face the arrival of the Nicaraguans (Nahoas or Niquiranos), a Nahuatl-speaking people, who also settled in Nicaragua, especially in the region of the Rivas isthmus on the shores of the Great Lake of Nicaragua or Cocibolca. In Costa Rica, the Chorotega peoples (Nicoyas, Chomis, Orotiñas, Zapandíes, Churutecas) occupied the entire Nicoya peninsula, the Chomes region on the eastern margin of the Gulf of Nicoya, the dominions of Chief Gurutina and the coasts of the Ensenada de Tivives, a region that was known by the name of Chorotega or Chorotega Vieja and that was the limit of the advancement of Mesoamerican cultures on the Pacific slope.

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