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Costa Rica: Abolition of the Army in 1948

Costa Rica has been without an army since 1948, and the 1st of December we will celebrate as a Holiday, because it was approved by the assembly of Costa Rica.

The abolition of the Costa Rican army refers to the suppression of all the armed forces of Costa Rica, carried out on December 1, 1948, after the Costa Rican Civil War of 1948 ended. The event in which The armed forces were suppressed. It was carried out in the old Bellavista Barracks, today the National Museum of Costa Rica, headed by the president of the Founding Board of the Second Republic, José Figueres Ferrer. Since the abolition of the army, the country has only resorted to military forces on two occasions: in 1955 to prevent an invasion from Nicaragua by expatriates and with the support of the Somoza government, and in 1965 when it sent 21 police officers as part of the Inter-American Force of Peace of the Organization of American States during the US occupation of the Dominican Republic.

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