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Chinese Famous Steamed Pork Dumpling Contained with Tasty Chicken Soup

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!


【1】500g, Flour.

【2】500g Chicken.

【3】500g Net rib meat.

【4】250g Pork Skin.


【1】100g of raw chicken soup,

【2】75g of soy sauce,

【3】10g refined salt,

【4】25g white sugar,

【5】5g shrimp seeds,

【6】A little green onion and Shao wine,


【1】Appropriate amount of clean water, production process, cooked chicken cut into 0.3 cm cubes,

【2】After the skin is washed, put it in a soup bowl and cook until it is ripe, let it cool and chop the cubes, put in the original chicken broth, chicken diced, add 25g soy sauce, 10g refined salt, shrimp seeds, Shao wine, ginger and green onion to boil. Skim the foam, collect the thick soup, and cool it into skin soup,

【3】Wash the pork ribs, chop them into minced meat, add soy sauce, white sugar, ginger and green onion, stir vigorously, then add in the chicken skin soup, mix evenly, and serve as chicken soup filling.

【4】The methods of leather making, kneading and maturation are the same as the crab yellow soup bag. Flavor characteristics The skin is thin, the juice is very fresh, the meat filling is chewy, not fatty, sweet, and the marinade is delicious.


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