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Braised Crayfish with Thirteen Spice.

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!

Material :

【1】1500 g of crayfish,

【2】150 g of rapeseed oil,

【3】60 g of green onion, ginger and garlic,

【4】60 g of dried chili,

【5】50 g of dried pepper,


【1】100 g of black bean paste,

【2】25 g of thirteen spice,

【3】800 g of beer,

【4】10 g of shallots,

【5】5 g of salt,

【6】20 g of chicken essence,

【7】5 g of pepper,

【8】10 g of sesame oil.

Thirteen Spice

【1】15 g of citronella,

【2】30 g of gardenia,

【3】40 g of star anise,

【4】50 g of mint leaves,

【5】20 g of ginger,

【6】30 g of Amomum villosum,

【7】20 g of cumin,

【8】150 g of pepper,

【9】30 g of honeysuckle,

【10】10 g of black pepper,

【11】20 g of peaches,

【12】10 g of cloves,

【13】25 g of gastrodia,

【14】25 g of licorice,

【15】1 piece mangosteen,

【16】20 g of white koe,

【17】20 g of perilla,

【18】25 g of grass fruit,

【19】20 g of woody,

【20】10 g of bay leaves,

【21】10 g of cinnamon, small

【22】30 g of fennel,

【23】50 g of Angelica dahurica,

The above spices can be used 100 times after being crushed into powder.


【1】Clean the crayfish, cut off the head, and then add 70% oil to warm it.

【2】Start the pan, add the ginger slices and stir-fry the garlic until fragrant, then add the dried chilies, dried Chinese pepper, and black bean paste. Stir fry for a spicy taste, pour in the crayfish and stir fry.

【3】Then add thirteen flavors of beer, a little broth, add salt, sugar, pepper and chicken essence, simmer for 13 minutes on low heat, and pour in sesame oil.


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