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Boiled Chicken with Superior Soy Sauce & Rose Wine.

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!


【1】 three yellow chicken,

【2】 50 g dried shallots,

【3】 50 g shallots,

【4】 30 g sliced ginger,

【5】 20 g garlic,

【6】 2 star anise,

【7】 1 small piece of tangerine peel,

【8】 2 g yellow peel,

【9】 2 bay leaves,

【10】 2 g licorice.


【1】50 grams of soy sauce,

【2】25 grams of rock sugar,

【3】100 grams of Huaqiao wine,

【4】10 grams of oyster sauce,

【5】10 grams of soy sauce,

【6】8 grams of salt.


【1】After slaughtering the three yellow chickens, drain the water for later use. Prepare ingredients, spices and seasonings:

【2】When the oil is 50% hot in the pot, add the crushed shallots, ginger slices, chives, garlic seeds and stir fry until golden brown. Then add star anise bay leaves and other spices and stir fry until fragrant, add soy sauce and oyster sauce and other seasonings to boil, then pour 3 tablespoons of water, and bring to a boil:

【3】Then put the processed three yellow chicken into low heat Soak slowly for 15 minutes. Change to medium heat, pick up the chicken with chopsticks, and pour the soy sauce evenly on the chicken with a spoon. When the chicken is evenly colored and the color is red, it can be served:

【4】When the chicken is slightly cool, chop it into small pieces with a knife, put it on a plate, and pour in the remaining soy sauce:

Cooking tips

When making soy sauce chicken, soy sauce is not the point. These "2" ingredients are absolutely indispensable! Otherwise, the soy sauce chicken is not flavorful and not authentic! The first type is dried shallots. When making soy sauce chicken, dried shallots cannot be omitted, because the dried shallots will have a fragrance effect after being sautéed to golden brown, which can make up for the lack of soy sauce.

The second type is yellow skin. When making soy chicken, add 2 grams of dried yellow skin to make the taste of soy chicken more mellow. The fragrance of yellow skin just neutralizes the taste of soy sauce, making the taste of soy sauce even better. Shun and not bitter! When making soy sauce chicken, many people will encounter the uneven coloring of the chicken, and the finished soy sauce chicken product is ugly! The reason is that the chicken skin is oily, which makes the chicken skin not easy to color! I teaches you a method: you can use dry starch to wipe the uncolored chicken skin, or use a toothpick to stick the uncolored chicken skin, which will help the chicken skin to evenly color!


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