Bevie's Mood: The Power - Snap!

By Beverly Grafton

I woke up this morning with eyes swollen as usual thanks to the pollution that comes with living in a city such as ours. I mean, the Allergy, Dust & Dander level is ALWAYS at Extreme. Speaking of which, I need to remember to take my allergy meds. Ugh.

But, all it took was the will to get up and out of bed and get the day going and I suddenly felt so alive. It was as if a sudden realization washed over me and the decision that all would be great today sprung out of nowhere! And I swear I heard Snap! singer Penny Ford's voice ring out with "I've got the power!", which was when I rushed to my laptop and started to write this.

With that, I wish you a powerful Wednesday. May you all find something to smile about and don't forget to celebrate yourselves!


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