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Bevie's Mood: Perfect - Fairground Attraction

By Beverly Grafton

Could there have been a better song for today than this one? No. Everything that needed to happen, happened. Lessons were learned, things were done, realizations were realized and my daughter learnt to fit the duvet into the cover after learning to slip the pillows into the covers. I fixed the washer dryer by myself and cancelled the scheduled repairs because it turns out that the error was a minor one - a snapped half of an EZ link card from another time before my besties moved in to this apartment. Obviously not mine or my daughter's since we both still have ours.

All in all, even with all the crap that still exists in my life, today was nothing less than Perfect.

That's why I'm going to reward myself with a lovely cup of TWG French Earl Grey before bed whilst I smile and sing along to this.

Don't forget to celebrate yourselves!

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