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Bevie's Mood: Every Little Step - Bobby Brown

By Beverly Grafton

Today, an old friend and I celebrated his birthday, after years of him choosing to spend it alone reflecting on the year past.

Why the change? Because he knows both he and I may not be around next year and he wanted to celebrate this special day with one of his closest friends. And that got me thinking.

Friendships are commonly taken for granted but I'm super grateful that the true friends I have had over the years are never lost because no matter how far apart we may all end up being, whenever one needs the other, we're always there for each other Every Little Step of the way. (See what I did there?)

So JP, I know you read my blog and I just want to wish you Happy Birthday again. I also want to tell you that no matter how far we are, I still got your back and I know you got mine.

With that, may y'all find something to smile about before you sleep tonight and don't forget to celebrate yourselves.


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