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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: Sakura Teng - 哎哟妈妈!!! (Aiyoh Mama!!!)

Local Pioneers of Singapore's Music Scene: Sakura Teng - 哎哟妈妈!!! (Aiyoh Mama!!!)

I will never forget the first time I ever saw Sakura Teng. It was something she said that has subconsciously become a part of my stage personality. She was rebutting rumors about her having Botox injections to combat the aging process and in the most effervescent manner, she said this,"How can I have Botox when I can still laugh like a siao char bor (crazy woman)?!"

I never laughed so hard in my life but at that very moment, I made a remarkable observation. There is no age limit to wit and candor. With that, I bombarded my mum with all sorts of questions about Sakura and sought out what I could find on her but back then, the internet was merely a shadow of its immense self now.

Yet, I still learned that this pint-sized and ageless cutie wasn't just a pretty face. She was everything I still strive to be as an entertainer. She was versatile in genre, language and her range of emotion is commendable, much like that of a seasoned storyteller.

Experience her linguistic ability in today's song, "哎哟妈妈!!! (Aiyoh Mama!!!)", as she sings in both Mandarin and Indonesian. Get ready for the Friday pick-me-up that I promised!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow as I drop another mind-blowing article!


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