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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: Nothing But The Radio On - Dave Koz

By Beverly Grafton

While most were enthralled by Kenny G back in the 90s, I was madly in love with Dave Koz. Ok, so maybe not Dave Koz in totality but with this particular song. Nothing could be smoother than this song in its entirety because it's such a well produced track. Four and a half mins of insanely beautiful Smooth Jazz that set the mood for the 11-year-old me to daydream about one day performing a duet of this song.

From Joey Diggs' incredibly smooth but soulful vocals, the cleverly arranged background vocals, Dave Koz's Smooth Jazz grooves that remind me of the finest French beurre (butter) and the perfection of the overall arrangement that gives space where space needs to be, I have yet to drool over another song as rhythmically sexy as Nothing But The Radio On.

Let me put it this way, if you ever need a song to flirt to, make sure you have this one playing in the background.


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