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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: A Song For You - Jacintha and Jeremy Monteiro

By Beverly Grafton

Sure, Herbie Hancock and Christina Aguilera may have covered this as well as Donny Hathaway but no other version has come across as personal and heartfelt as this one by Jacintha and Jeremy Monteiro. The perfect honesty that is Jacintha's voice and the subtlety in Jeremy's quiet yet thoughtful playing is what makes this stand out above the rest.

The way Ja's voice tugs at the heartstrings makes one ponder just what kind of pain and wonder resides within this beautiful soul. Then you have the carefully considered chords from Jeremy, placed at just the right spots to give Jacintha space to tell the story only to suddenly taking it to another place with his solo, as if to build the up to the climax. Then, just when you find sweet relief from tears you didn't realize had gathered on your lashes, you feel her voice warmly gathering you up in an embrace, both of them leaving you in comfortable satisfaction.


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