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Bev's Mood: I Can't Wait - Nu Shooz

By Beverly Grafton

Oh. My. Stars. Today is one of those super exciting days where I just can't get more excited about life and everything in it. Besides hearing the near-complete raw track that I've been collaborating on with DJ Chris Columbus and planning the video shoot for the track, I'm also excited that the swelling on my nose is going down significantly. Oh! Also, the allergic conjunctivitis has gone away thanks to my allergy meds. One more thing, I'm adding a new student to my vocal technique fam. Winning!!!

So when I say is that Nu Shooz's I Can't Wait is the perfect soundtrack to my life and that it sincerely popped up in the back of my head the moment I sat down to write this post, you better believe me,

I mean, think about it! I can't wait to hear the mastered version of our track, to shoot the video, to start grooming another fresh voice, to continue shedding inches at the right places, for my girl to finish her PSLE, to see my hubby again once our visas are approved and to perform again on the 30th of the month with the amazing Wayne Sandz for LACCSG's online concert series. Check out this weekend's post as I highlight their involvement in the local arts and entertainment scene.

Gotta love my life! What things are you excited about today?


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