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Baked deep-sea cod head in casserole

Here are the ingredients that you will be needing!


* 500 grams of deep-sea cod head,

* 3 grams each of salt,

* 100 grams each of garlic and scallion

* 50 grams of cooking wine

* Pinch of chicken powder,

* Pinch of garlic powder,


* Put 30 grams of olive oil in a pan and heat it, then fry the cook till it is 70% done .

* Take the casserole, add 20 grams of onion oil and 10 grams of butter to heat, add dry green onions, 200 grams each of garlic, sauté ginger 100 grams, add cod head pieces, cover with casserole and bake over low heat 5 minutes, finally sprinkle 10 grams of shish leaves, cover with casserole, and poured 10 grams of brandy on the food.


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1 comentário

27 de jul. de 2020

This is a popular Cantonese restaurant standard dish. I miss eating it in Hong Kong. Thanks King for simplifying it so everyone can try doing it at home.

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