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Baked Chinese Quicksand Moon Cake Stuffed with Dripping Salted Egg Yolk and Butter.

Material & Seasoning

【1】72g of Low-gluten flour

【2】30g powdered sugar

【3】50g of Butter

【4】12g of Custard powder

【5】12g of Whole milk powder

【6】12g of Whole egg liquid

【7】25g of Whole Egg Liquid (Material A)

【8】1 raw egg yolk (Material A for the emperor filling)

【9】30g of Raw egg yolk (Material A)

【10】25g of Custard powder (custard stuffing material B)

【11】30g of Full-fat milk powder (Milk King stuffing material B)

【12】3g of Coconut Milk (Cocktail Filling Material B)

【13】37g of Coconut Milk (Cocktail Filling Material C)

【14】40g of Black and white evaporated milk (Milk King stuffing material C)

【15】16g of Granulated sugar (Material C)

【16】25g of Butter (custard stuffing material C)

【17】1g of Cooked salted duck egg yolks (Cumper filling material C)

【18】8g of Butter (quick sand filling)

【19】1 cooked salted duck egg yolk (quick sand filling)

【20】17g of Water (quick sand filling)

【21】14g of Black and white evaporated milk (quick sand filling)

【22】13g of Granulated sugar (quick sand filling)

【23】1g of Isinglass powder (quick sand filling)

【24】Raw egg yolk (for noodles) one

【25】Soy sauce (for noodles)

【Making quicksand filling:】

【1】Take 1 salted duck egg yolk, crush it with a small spoon, add the softened butter and mix well.

【2】Mix the isinglass powder, boiled water, and fine sugar, and heat it over water until the isinglass powder and fine sugar melt.

【3】Flush step 2 into step 1, melt the butter, and stir well.

【4】Add black and white evaporated milk and mix well. If you beat it with a cooking stick, the quicksand filling will be more delicate.

【5】 Pour the quicksand filling into an ice tray or mold and freeze.

[Making salted egg and butter stuffing:]

【6】 Mix the ingredients of "Milk King Filling A" with egg extract until the sugar melts and has no particles.

【7】Add the "Milk King Stuffing B" material to the mixture in step 6, and stir evenly.

【8】Mix the ingredients of "Milk King Stuffing C", heat until slightly hot, remove from heat.

【9】Pour the heated "Cucumber Filling C" into the mixture of step 7 while stirring, and stir evenly to form a slurry of Custard Filling.

【10】Crush the cooked salted duck egg yolk for later use, pour the custard filling liquid slurry of step 9 into the pan, stir-fry on medium heat, stir fry and stir in the crushed cooked salted duck egg yolk, let cool at room temperature, and put it in a fresh-keeping bag. The bag mouth enters the refrigerator for refrigeration.

【Making pie crust:】

【11】Soften the butter at room temperature, add powdered sugar and mix finely.

【12】Add the whole egg liquid and stir until the butter has completely absorbed the egg liquid.

【13】Sift the flour, whole milk powder, and custard powder into the mixture in step 12, carefully stir and mix well.

【14】Divide the finished pie dough into 7 portions, each about 27g, flatten them, and put them in the refrigerator for one hour.

【Wrapping Mooncake:】

【15】Take out the refrigerated milk emperor filling, divide it into 7 equal parts, wrap the frozen quicksand filling in the milk emperor filling, and round.

【16】Quickly wrap the custard filling with the refrigerated crust and round it.

【17】wrapped moon cake is molded into a mold and placed in the freezer for ten minutes.

【18】One egg yolk, add some dark soy sauce, and stir well.

【19】 Take out the moon cake from the freezing, sweep the egg liquid of step 18 on the top pattern of the moon cake thinly, and then continue to freeze for 5 hours.


【20】Take out the frozen cake base, pick up the moon cake, use a watering can to spray water on the cake base in all directions, and then put it into the preheated oven to bake (the temperature and time are set according to your own oven situation, here The suggestion is: short-time high-fire baking, you can refer to the cookie baking temperature and time data).

【21】The baked mooncakes can be eaten after cooling at room temperature. If they are refrigerated, if you want to eat dripping, you need to reheat it. The bottom fire of the microwave oven can be heated for ten seconds.

Cooking Tips

When making quicksand filling, be sure to completely freeze the quicksand filling. When the bread is put into the custard filling, move quickly to avoid the quicksand filling to melt and mix with the custard filling, causing the flow to fail.

The Hong Kong-style milk emperor quicksand mooncakes are soft and waxy, not as crispy as the traditional Cantonese-style Beijing-style mooncakes. When they are baked, they are golden and slightly caramelized.

It is recommended to bake this moon cake in a short time. It is the key to make the surface of the moon cake form quickly in a short time. If the baking time is too long, the quicksand filling will heat up and expand, causing the moon cake to sag or even burst.

When making the crust, don't knead the dough too much, just mix it evenly and knead it slightly to avoid the appearance of tendons due to excessive kneading and elephant legs in the final product.

The above food formula, especially the seasoning formula, is for your reference only. I suggest you make adjustments to different degrees according to the actual situation of different raw materials in your country. Because the above recipe is only my recipe and making method in Hong Kong.


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