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A typical Singaporean Breakfast

What does most of you have for your breakfast? Most answers will be: cereal with cold milk, bacon and eggs or sandwich.

Most Singaporeans had for breakfast were a wide variety, such as kaya toast with kopi-o or teh susu, chai tow kway (fried carrot cake), or a quick economical beehoon/mee.

For me, everyday breakfast will be different. Some days feels like having jok(Cantonese style pork porridge), mee soto (malay chicken noodles soup), nasi lemak, or fried beehoon. These dishes sounds simple and good, but most of them needs time to prepare and cook in a perfect timing for a great taste.

What is your favorite breakfast?


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1 Comment

Stephanie Goh
Stephanie Goh
Nov 14, 2020

I love kaya toast and kopi for breakfast! :)

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