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3 Ways To Boost Your Value as a Photographer

Are you struggling to stay productive and increase your value as a photographer? If yes, follow these 3 simple steps.

Start making full use of your spare time right now.

If you are motivated and driven to improve, here are 3 things you can do at home, Right Now.

1) Online Workshops

I cannot stress enough how important it is to invest time, money, and resources into yourself. Continuously improving, updating, and sharpening your skills are crucial to stand out from the crowd.

There are many ongoing Live webinars and workshops. Choosing the right one to invest your time and energy on is very important.

For photography, you may invest on Ryan Rocco's Masterclass. This is one of the most complete course for wedding photographer.

For marketing, do check out some of the prominent digital marketeers such as Mr Vince Tan, or Dato Calvin Khiu's courses.


2) Start Building Your Personal Brand

There are many ways you can start in building or enhancing your personal brand. A few things you can do now is to start preparing your images for competitions. Work on your social medial profile, write proper 'About Me' section, build a new website for your portfolio, and many more. Another thing you can do is to get certified and qualified with photography associations. This will set you apart from the other photographers.

Competitions and awards:

Professional Certification:

These awards, recognition, and certifications are worth going all out for. Since you have spare time, start working on it, stop giving yourself excuses. They will be with you and become part of your Personal Brand for the rests of your life.

Good luck!


3) Re-visit and Re-edit Your Photos

Another way to sharpen your skills is to revisit your old photos, analyze them and find out how you can improve if you were given the chance to re-shoot the same photo again. Read books that will help you improve your skills and workflow. For me, posing has always been my weakest. I read Rocco Ancora + Ryan Schembri Refining The Pose E-book.

You should also start editing your old photos to see if your skills have improved. If you've attended photography workshops, or online courses, apply them on your post-processing works. Otherwise you will forget real quick!

Remember, this is the best time to set yourself apart from the crowds!


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