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2021: The year of curiosity

Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus wrote “the rising generations have the power to ensure the elimination of poverty from this planet. We overcame slavery, we overcame apartheid, we put human beings on the moon - all achievements that were once considered impossible. We can overcome poverty, if we only decide that poverty does not belong to the future that we want to create”.

As 2021 kicks off and I think about my focus for the year this statement could not ring truer. It is up to us through the choices that we make in our personal life, business & as global citizens to change the outcomes of tomorrow. The generations of tomorrow do have the power to change the future however, they require our help.

To change the outcome of tomorrow we must look at the world through a different lens, taking an active role in shaping the future that we want to leave as our legacy for generations to come. And the most powerful tool we have at our disposal to shape the future is action through education.

So, while I think about all that 2020 has taught me and my aspirations for 2021, it is simple - more educational conversations that lead to action and impact. By educating ourselves and those around us we can have significant impact on the world around us. But what is it about education and our approach to it that can truly engage, inspire & move people to action? I was recently in conversation with a friend who reminded me to always Be Curious.

After considering this statement something dawned on me, Curiosity is at the epicentre of all learning. If we do not teach with curiosity, those around us will not truly learn and be inspired into action.

I believe that this is no different in business - curiosity feeds our desire to learn in all areas of life. The charity I started almost 5 years ago is at its core focused on putting 6M lights into the hands of children living in extreme energy poverty by 2030 and we do this by educating 6M people in the developed world on the issue of energy poverty. We create the environment for the children & adults that we speak to, to be curious. Curious about the issue of energy poverty, curious about why this is such a relatively unknown issue & curious as to how they can make an impact.

So in 2021 as we face a new normal in all aspects of life I will be curious every step of the way, learn & drive impact wherever I possibly can. We have a lot of work to do before 2030 to eradicate poverty in all its forms in line with the UN SDG’s.

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