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100 sights of Saint Petersburg!

Yesterday my friend from Finland asked me which top 5 places he should visit in St. Petersburg. I got confused. There are so many beautiful palaces, parks, gourmet restaurants, museums, embankments... How do you choose only 5 places?

I started writing a list and the top 5 grew to the top 100!

1. Hermitage

2. Peter and Paul Fortress

3. Saint Isaac`s Cathedral

4. Kazan Cathedral

5. Palace Square

6. Walk along Nevsky Prospect

7. Admiralty

8. Russian museum

9. Church of the Saviour on Blood

10. See the drawing bridges from the boat

11. Artillery Museum

12. Mosque

13. Aurora Cruiser

14. See «Swan Lake» in Mariinsky Theatre

15. Tsarskoe Selo

16. Peterhof by speed boat

17. Trinity Cathedral

18. Dostoevsky museum

19. Singer house

20. Drink Boyarsky on the Rubinstein street

21. Visit the Literary cafe on Nevsky prospect, where Pushkin drank his last drink before he were killed in a duel

22. Pushkin museum

23. Gatchina

24. Oranienbaum

25. Pavlovsk

26. Saint Michael's Castle

27. Mikhailovsky Theatre

28. Lakhta skyscraper

29. Krestovsky Island

30. Annenkirche church

31. Bronze Horseman

32. Exhibition in the Manege

33. Roof tour

34. Erarta museum

35. Enjoy a cocktail on the terrace of the Sofitel So hotel

36. Take a tour of the secret courtyards

37. New Holland

38. Kanonersky Island

39. Find out why metro stations are called " underground palaces»

40. Petrogradskaya direct

41. Sevkabel Port

42. Grand Maket Museum

43. Vodka Museum

44. Take a boat tour on rivers and canals

45. Vladimir Palace

46. Etaji

47. Kronstadt

48. Apraksin Market

49. Vasileostrovsky market

50. Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra

51. Datsan Gunzechoinei

52. Zoological museum

53. Mandrogi Village

54. Eliseyev Emporium

55. Aleksandrinsky Theatre

56. Yusupov Palace

57. Faberge museum

58. The General Staff Building museum

57. The Church Of St. Xenia Of Petersburg 

58. Church of the intercession in the Nevsky forest Park

59. Visit the Zenith football match at the Zenith arena stadium

60. Stieglitz Academy

61. The Central Navy Museum

62. Monument to the heroic defenders of Leningrad on victory square

63. Grand Choral Synagogue

64. Try crumpets on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street

65. To go to the hockey match SKA

66. St. Nicholas-Epiphany sea Cathedral

67. Sunset on the Kanonersky island

68. Sunbathing on the Repino Beach

69. Botanic garden

70. Submarine C-189 museum

71. Mosaic courtyard

72. Chinese garden of Friendship

73. Church of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the theologian church

74. Smolny Cathedral

75. Sphinxes on the University embankment

76. Bank bridge

77. Derzhavinsky garden

78. Matilda Kseshinskaya's Mansion

79. Fort Alexander

80. Chesme church

81. Kunstkammer

82. Prioratsky palace

83. Ethnographic museum

84. Menshikov palace

85. House Of Peter I

86. Rostral column

87. Monument to Catherine the great and Catherine's garden

88. Lion bridge

89. Chizhik-Pyzhik on Fontanka

90. Monument to victims of political repression

91. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

92. "La vue" restaurant (amazing view)

93. Monument of Alexander Pushkin

94. Museum of defense and siege of Leningrad

95. Alexandria Park

96. Grand Hotel Europe

97. Park Pobedy

98. Trinity Church "the Easter Cake and Easter»

99. Semimostie on the Kryukov Canal

100. Gostiny Dvor

It might take a few years to see all these sights! I think that's why for several years St. Petersburg has been recognized as the best tourist destination in Europe in the World Travel Awards rating.

Have you ever been to St. Petersburg? How many places on my list have you visited?


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