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The rise of social media in Nigerian businesses

Businesses have evolved in the way of operating because of social media and Nigerian businesses aren't left behind in the social media space. These days social media has a huge impact on the perception of how businesses operate daily. From customer retention to attraction, social media has made it possible for businesses to have increased visibility,

The challenge of managing customer attention is a great task to ensure it synchronizes with the said organizational vision and plans from a dissatisfied customer to an angry staff.

The tone at which a single message conveys an organization's thought could be misconstrued by users of social media platforms and that could either mar or propagate a business life.

A fashion stylist in Nigeria could compete favorably with a brand in other geographical locations to satisfy customers in the desire for good tastes of fashion.

Social media has brought great opportunities for businesses such as easy connectivity, increased visibility, and improved sales.

It is great to say social media has altered the way Nigerian businesses respond to customers' demands.


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