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What does mooncake festival mean to me?

Hello there! Mid-autumn festival is round the corner! Many of us will buy beautiful boxes of mooncakes for ourselves or as gifts for our friends and relatives.

But as compared to years of having this festival seems like the real purpose of it is fading away. Not just having to buy pretty boxes of the mooncake, but the reunion of family having mooncakes and playing lanterns together is getting lesser on sight.

Many does not feel the festive mood as this covid-19 restrictions that many will just stay home and having it to enjoy. For me is still have that family bond and having dinner and enjoying the festive season. Got to enjoy yummy mooncakes, traditional or modern doesn't matter.

Hopefully younger generations can continue the tradition of this mooncake festival and the history and purpose of the season.

Happy Mid-autumn! 中秋节快乐!


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