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Weekend Musical Musings

By Beverly Grafton

It's 9p.m. on a Friday. You've settled into your seat at your regular watering hole with your drink in hand and whether you're waiting on some friends or not, you're quite contented because you've got your favorite band on stage playing familiar songs you enjoy and although there are some you've never ever heard before, you find yourself bopping along or singing some jibberish along to the tunes.

Except, you can't. Because your favorite band isn't there anymore. Your tired eyes get no respite from your mobile screen when your friends are late because there's nowhere else to set your eyes on for long without looking like a perv. And to top it all off, you gotta get up and out by 10:30 because that's when they all gotta close. So if you happen to stay late at work and want a nice cold brewski, you better stock up at home cuz by the time you get to the pub, you'd have just missed the last call.

Welcome to the new norm.

For the regular peeps out there, this is the worst of your problems. You still have your jobs and homes. So, what about the people you used to catch each weekend? The people who host your events and roadshows? The people who kept you sweating up a storm on the dance floor? What about the rest of the entertainment industry?

Where has everyone gone?!

Well, over the rest of October, I'll be catching up with my fellow industry mates from each aspect of the entertainment industry.

I'll also be releasing a new weekly compilation of virtual and hopefully life events to attend over each week, starting from November.

That's why you gotta stay tuned as I bring you more content and updates so celebrate yourselves and don't forget to find a reason to smile before you sleep!


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