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Teacher's Day Special: To Sir With Love - Lulu

By Beverly Grafton

From the movie of the same name, To Sir With Love illustrates the ideal student - teacher relationship. Where the teacher, facing initial taunting and ridicule from students, perseveres through adversity to become the most beloved role model of said students. In turn, the students gift the teacher with words that speak of the lengths they would go to in order to honor their teacher.

I remember falling in love with the song long before watching the movie but thanks to the movie, as well as Sidney Poitier's stellar performance, the context of the song became so much clearer. I'll admit that even till today, I still love singing along out loud to this one whilst thinking of the only two teachers who have affected me in this positive way, Ms. Agnes Chew, my primary school form teacher and Mr. Alan, my secondary school drama teacher.

Who were the teachers who affected you positively during your school years and what about them inspired you?


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