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Sydney Food Cravings: Eat Street, Newtown

Young Henry's at Newtown. Image Courtesy:

Newtown is a diverse, bohemian neighbourhood that bustles with activity day and night in Sydney. The main street, King Street is the centre of commercial and entertainment activity. King Street is often referred to as "Eat Street" due to the large number of cafés, pubs and restaurants of various cultures. The hip vibe of Newtown pulsates in its small bars, cool cafes and craft breweries. Continental Deli Bar Bistro and Hartsyard are the well-known eateries. Eat Street also offers scrumptious, unpretentious meals including Japanese, Indian, Turkish, Nigerian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Nepalese, Italian, Korean, Egyptian etc. The Courthouse Hotel with its expansive beer garden, Earl’s Juke Joint and The Midnight Special for their cocktails, Mary’s for its American-style dive bar and Young Henry's for its seasonal ales at its own microbrewery round up the drinks scene.

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