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Singapore Hawker Food : Tim Sum

Are U Hungry 😋

My birthday falls on 9th August, coinciding with Singapore‘s Independence Day (aka National Day), a year younger than the Nation though ... This year, we celebrates our 55th Anniversary @ our little Red Dot of 750 square km Island, near equator of the globe.

My wife gave me a birthday treat of Brunch Tim Sum @ Swee Choon Restaurant @ 185-193 Jalan Besar road

What’s so good 😊?

Swee Choon, Tim sum restaurant established since 1962, 😮 58 years since ... earlier than our Nation Independence!

Had gone digital and embracing state of art in technology to increase efficiency and productivity.

Simply, no fuss in their queuing system leveraging on technology via QR code 👍... just loitering around a bit and regularly updated via SMS ... 😮

While, Ordering made easy through your own mobile via QR code linked to their on-line Menu. So, cannot any-o-how say U never place the order of that dish, all ala-carte ordering is now traceable to U ! 😮 🤩

Within minutes of ordering, which my wife happily did it in her mobile, the dishes one after another quickly served in quick succession by their staff, steamingly piping hot, frying hot, is one great winning start ... lay out with plate / bowl 🍲 and steaming baskets 🧺 + their checklist of items order bs served ! That’s truly efficient !

Our favourite : Chee Cheong Fun - rice roll w prawn, freshly steamed and garnished with fried onions. Soft and easy texture, literally melt into your mouth. Freshly tasty prawn 🍤 too !

Next, Salted egg yolk custard bun fried version on a plate, eat with caution as it can volcano 🌋 with its golden lava flowing out ... 👍

While, its fried cousins : Carrot Cake, and Yam+Banana Fritter, sooo crisply fried on the outside and nice, soft texture inside, tastefully done ✅ 👍, with the carrot pairing with the Hae Bee Hiam chillies 🌶, that’s a killer weapon ! Gladfully, requested extra ... 😮

Their red bean pancake also another killer, not too sweet and crispy and crunchy skin on the outside and red bean filling inside, soft and sweeten. Tasted great 👍

My other favourite : Steamed Pork ribs with black bean sauce, 1st time trying, soft, tender and with lots of juiciness and marinated well with black bean sauce and pairing with the Hae Bee Hiam chillies 🌶! Simply mesmerising ! 😮 🤩

Other new add-ons : Shanghainese delights like Xiao Long Bao (XLB), comparatively near to Ding Tai Fung standard ...

We also had the century egg + minced pork porridge which we shared and literally tastefully and flavourfully done ✅

Still retaining the old traditional signage despite the changing times while retaining the same old traditional Taste !

Using fresh ingredients, hand crafted, cook-steam-fry fresh daily, understanding the local taste bud, offering new delights menu, added the ever changing foodie lifestyle, it’s product consistency and high quality assurance shall ensure its continuing mainstay of the Tim sums business ! 😊 😀

Living up to its tagline: “Simply Happier” & Happily Yours Swee Choon!” 🤩

Indeed, I am happy after Tim Sum-ing with my wife, as she is happier now than before ... 😆

It’s Tim Sum ... Yummily 😋 Great 👍!


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