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Nigeria: Herbal business

Nigeria has a mass population and she is known as the most populous black nation on earth often termed as the ‘’Giant of Africa’’. The health and wellbeing of its people is managed by trained medical personnel and also trado-medical people depending on the body chemistry of the individual and choice based on information available to the person.

The tradio-medical industry is known to be a practice that has been in existence in Nigeria passed on from parents to wards but there is still a fight saying they are unregulated as there is no known dosage from herbal concoctions formulated before administration to patients and so, the health regulatory body in Nigeria – NAFDAC (National Agency For Food and Drugs Administration and Control) has so far frowned on the practice of herbal concoctions sellers so they are trying to manage the process of administration of such treatments but it seems to be a hard task to manage as the herbal sellers claim their products are natural in nature.

There are variants of herbal concoctions claiming to be healers of numerous ailments in circulation in Nigeria.

Some organizations have come up with herbal drinks to quench the desire of the average Nigerian that wants a drink that gives a form of healing with soothing flavor with approval from NAFDAC for the populace.

Nature has blessed Nigeria with some leaves and roots used as herbal cure for ailments but there is still a question of proper research as to their true nature and efficacy in people. Even some plants which are considered as weeds in farms could be used to offer cure if properly researched on.

Though, the healthcare industry in Nigeria strongly frowns at traditional means of cure in Nigeria. Most orthodox drugs are made from leaves and roots, so it is of the opinion that both traditional healers and orthodox health workers form an alliance to be able proffer cure to diseases plaguing the populace of Nigeria and Africa.


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