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New York City: Driving through the empty streets of Manhattan

The unexpected outbreak of the virus COVID-19 has definitely affected people's lives, cities and economies globally. Even NYC, known as the City that never sleeps went on a lockdown on March 20, 2020.

After nearly three months of being shut down the City began first phase of reopening on June 8, 2020. As of July 20, 2020 the City of New York entered Phase 4 of reopening.

Yesterday afternoon, September 20, 2020, I returned to Manhattan for the first time after several months. I wanted to see if and how COVID-19 has changed America's most populous city. I expected to see packed sidewalks and heavy traffic but Manhattan was far emptier than usual. I was shocked. "It feels like a ghost town", I whispered to my husband. I couldn't say more...

I have never seen Times Square so quiet. The streets and sidewalks are nearly empty. It is obvious that Manhattan is still hurting. But for how long?

The pictures and the video speak for themselves.

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