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New York City: 5 tips to choose the right school bag for children

For the best bag, you will obviously think about style but this is not enough especially when it comes to school bags. You should also take into consideration some other important factors, like fit and functionality, since the backpack will be used by your child every day to carry items to and from school.

I am pretty sure that we've all seen a child carrying a bag that looks almost bigger than him/her or a kid that carries a heavy backpack that forces him/her to lean forward. So, if you want your child to maintain a healthy posture and feel comfortable through the school year then you have to select the perfect school bag for her/him that might not be the most stylish or expensive.

Below are 5 tips for choosing the right school bag for your kid:

1. Choose the proper size: The width of the bag must be relatively comparable to child's width. Backpacks that do not fit or aren't used properly have the potential to cause back and shoulder strain or pain. Ensure that the bag sits between the shoulders and at the right height - slightly above the waist. If it hangs down at the small of the back it will put increased stress on the spine and surrounding muscles.

2. Look for a bag with two broad padded shoulder straps: Ensure that the bag has two wide, adjustable straps with padding for the shoulders for maximum comfortability and shoulder protection from excessive pressure and, if possible, chest or waist strap too. The straps are useful cause they distribute the weight of the backpack evenly, therefore they should stay in even length.

3. Go for backpacks with pockets, slots, and dividers to evenly distribute the weight: these types of bags that offer pockets, slots, and dividers also help to distribute evenly the extra weight and are considered better choice. You should also keep in mind that heavier items must be placed closer to the person’s back, within the backpack, while lighter items may sit further from the body. Hence, it is important the bag to be packed correctly.

4. Keep the weight of the school bag to 10-15% of your child's' bodyweight: the weight of the backpack, together with its content, should not exceed 10-15% of your child's weight. For example if your kid weighs 100 pounds then he/she must not carry a bag heavier than 15 pounds. Heavy school bags are one of the main causes of back (scoliosis), neck and shoulder pain in children. Consequently, they must carry only what they need!!!

5. Check and try the bag before purchasing it: avoid buying a low-quality backpack just because it is inexpensive or trendy. Avoid getting it online as well. It is better to have your kid try it on, in person, just to make sure that it is comfortable and fits him/her. Moreover, open it, check the inside pockets and ensure that it has the required features.

The members of Affluent Society are wishing you a happy and healthy school year 2020!!!

Disclaimer: a certain commission of every purchase through the ads goes to supporting Affluent Society and I. Purchasing through the ads is one of the best ways you can help support Affluent Society. Thanks in advance.


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