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Music for a Monsoon: Stormy Weather - Lena Horne

By Beverly Grafton

Oh, what a day! I finally am the proud owner of a legit musical instrument, a digital piano. Yes, I put that baby together all by myself and although I had to rush out for a meeting and then dinner with a close friend, I have promised myself that I can play with it all night when I get back. I have to hold that thought because of this beautifully apt song I have to share that reflects on my day.

Although done by many Jazz Vox greats, I chose this version with Lena Horne because of the "Turner Classic Movies" feel of it. So soothing it is, my ragged brain starts to unfold from the stresses of the day, as the soft pitter patter of the rain sounds melt any knots away. Not to mention, I'm transported for a time, to when things were simple and life moved at a gentler pace instead of this unforgiving rat race reality we live in today. May I also boldly add that there's just something about Lena's voice. It's almost like the warm and comforting embrace of my husband's arms... Suck it up, Bev! It's just the music talking.

Well, whatever tomorrow brings, I hope to find closure at the end of my own stormy weather.


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