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Music for a Monsoon: Monsoon - Tokio Hotel

By Beverly Grafton

Tokio Hotel is a German rock band and their song Monsoon is just the perfect backdrop for any dark and stormy day. Did I mention my fave cocktail happens to be a Dark and Stormy? Anyways, when the weather starts to act up and get all emo, with clouds gathering and blocking out the sun, whip out your nearest music device and put these guys on. From the moody broody first verse and chorus, musically, I'm wrought with images of the Stone Temple Pilots but thanks to super androgynous lead singer, Bill Kaulitz's naturally higher pitched voice, I'm able to appreciate Tokio Hotel as an entity all on their own. Not to mention Kaulitz's gorgeous eyes...

I've never had any problem with guys wearing eyeliner and I sure am not gonna start today. This missus is all for the andro/emo types even though she married an all-round boy-next-door. Listening to songs like this and bands like this satisfies my need for visual diversity in my married life. Like my husband and I always say, we got married, we didn't go blind.

Here's to enjoying the beautiful sights and sounds around us and still wanting to go back home at the end of it all, cuz really, there's no place like home.


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