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Melbourne Lockdown2.0 - Now what?

Melbourne is currently battling their second wave of the COVID situation. Disappointed, but not out. Melbournians are coming together to help each other to overcome this. Over the weekend, the State Premier has also announced mandatory face covering when outside our primary place of residence.

In the meantime, everyone is clearly feeling the pain. The small business owners who are really suffering a double whammy through a lack of income and many are continuing to suffer when their landlords, also suffering, choose to continue insisting on rent.

To individuals suffering depression with statistics indicating calls to depression helplines peaking at 66% in May 2020 compared to the same time last year. Lockdown2.0 is expected to take a further toll on mental health.

With unemployment increasing registering at 7.5% in June 2020, the bad news seems to be mounting with little or no end in sight.

If the statistics don't improve, we can surely expect a Stage 4 Lockdown which is yet to be defined. Many are anticipating it will somewhat resemble the same tough restrictions that our neighboring Kiwis had undergone just months before.

Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison already advised Australians to expect borders to stay closed until at least mid-2021.

For now, Melbournians have to batten down and stick out Lockdown 2.0 as we continue our battle against the pandemic. And hope that the vaccine currently undergoing human trials can be fast-tracked so that life can continue and hopefully be able to rebuild our lives.

Despite having more bad news than good, Melbournians continue to help each other and showing each other with simple acts of kindness. Looking after the vulnerable, grocery shopping for neighbors, and just nice little surprises continue to help give the community spirit an uplift, sowing the seeds to ensure a future that we can come back to.

The Kindness Pandemic Facebook Group started by Dr Catherine Barrett, continues to inspire and encourage the population through sharing happy stories of beautiful moments of humanity warming the cockles of one’s heart.

(Source: Facebook/The Kindness Pandemic)

For your dose of heart-warming stories, visit their public page on Facebook!


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