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Melbourne: Free Live Music by Arts Centre Melbourne and Australian Music Vault

Photo courtesy of Arts Centre Melbourne

Live music is returning this summer to Melbourne courtesy of the Arts Centre Melbourne and the Australian Music Vault.

They have curated an impressive line-up of local emerging artists including Bumpy, Cayn Borthwick, Charm of Finches, Chitra, Coda Chroma, Emma Russack, Girlatones, Great Earthquake, Guy Blackman and Nat Vazer.

15 January – Great Earthquake

16 January – Nat Vazer 22 January – Emma Russack 23 January – Coda Chroma 29 January – Bumpy 30 January – Girlatones 5 February – Cayn Borthwick 6 February – Charm of Finches 12 February – Chitra 13 February – Guy Blackman

Each session starts from 5.30pm for an hour.

Spend your Friday and Saturday nights with indie sounds at the open surrounds under the iconic Spire this January and February.

This initiative is a continuation of Arts Centre Melbourne’s dedication to provide a paid platform for artists and the Australian Music Vault’s drive to support home-grown Australian music.


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