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Life… I live with you …However I am upset with you. You could have given, done, more...


I live with you …However I am upset with you. You could have given, done, more...

You could have been better, kinder, more generous. Though I like to be wished a happy day, but find so many reasons why it isn’t...

Here’s a note to life…With a promise to love it…Let’s take an action to cast away complains in life and replace it with Gratitude.

Gratitude is a way of saying heartfelt thanks to our self for our health, the things we use, the people around us, the wealth that we earn, and most importantly GOD. If we have gratitude we will be blessed with abundance. Gratitude is GRATIFYING. It helps us to be satisfied. Love oneself for all that we have. It starts with oneself.

Being Motivational depends on external factors where you want to achieve something. However, gratitude solely originates from within. When we have gratitude, we do not expect anything in return. It gives us immense peace and satisfaction.

Benefits of gratitude are many like feeling of peace, it helps us to shield from negativity, makes us at least 25 percent happier, eliminates stress, heals, improves sleep. Besides it also improves self-confidence, law of attraction, improves the relationship. Last but not the least it is GRATIFYING and helps us by returning abundance.

Let’s see 3 easy but effective steps that can improve Gratitude.

1st step – List down 100 achievements from your childhood till date. It may seem easy at first, however when you proceed the challenge may increase gradually. The key for this is to make note of every single activity starting from learning to walk, learning to speak, completing kinder garden, leaning cycling to slowly bigger things in life. When you make this list, how do you feel? That feeling makes us more confident, isn’t it? It helps us to realize our self-worth. How do you express the impact it has created for yourself? Do you love this impact?

Well my dear friends you will be amazed of the greater benefits that you shall be able to achieve and feel within yourself.

2nd step – Change your mindset from CAN’T to CAN. Lets do a simple exercise. Let’s all say three things to our self loud that we cannot do. For me it is I can’t lose weight, I can’t control anger and I can’t leave junk food. How do you feel? When you have made up the mind that you can’t do this then there will be no motivation factor to continue neither to take any action. Let’s now say the same thing with CAN. Loud and clear 5 times.

How do you feel? Do you feel confident? Does your mind shift its focus from CANNOT to CAN? Does it call for action?

You will be amazed to know that brain will start functioning the way you want it to be.

3rd and final step are Affirmation. Once you have all the 100 points to be grateful for, you will affirm yourself the best points that you are doing things for yourself and others. And doing this you will see a difference. How Gratitude can bring Abundance in your life by removing negativity, by improving relationships and finally making oneself peaceful and satisfied.

Try it out. These steps work magic in your life. It will return abundance.

Final thought to be taken from this.

Maintain a success journal. Every day put down minimum of 3 things that you have achieved and want to be grateful for. This way life will change leaps and bounds for you.


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