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Less is MORE

I have been on a world wind trying to figure out my direction in the world especially with COVID-19 reeking havoc worldwide. I have always been a talented and gifted cook but when it came to presentation that is something I have been working hard on to get to a place of satisfactory. I reached out to an amazing artist friend of mind and asked her for some pointers just because when you're a chef it's not always about what YOU like but more like what the consumer wants and how to gain a satisfied customer EXPERIENCE. So I went to my friends house and we took a quick little trip to a nearby grocer. We got a pack of chicken thighs, some rainbow Rotini noodles (MY FAVE!) & asparagus. The first thing she told me was that when going to an elevated level of cooking and to gain a new audience that I should definitely work on portions and watch the carb and calorie in take. Me being a black and from Memphis, Tennessee, I grew up in a setting where you ate what was plated and presentation was a none factor (lol). But don't get me wrong my ENTIRE family is a force in the kitchen. We did a simple sear and roast on thigh with some fresh picked rosemary and OH MY GOODNESS! Can you say AMAZING! I have cooked with rosemary from the grocer but its different when you can reach behind you and grab herbs from the plant. Everything about it touched my soul and lit a fire inside me. If you don't know by now rosemary is my second favorite herb(hint hint lol) But it transferred so well into the chicken as well as the garlic. It was a magical pair. I did a light seat on the asparagus and a quick cream sauce for the pasta. As you see above it may just be a picture of plated food but it was the beginning of a new chapter for my life as a chef and entrepreneur. Me being naturally over the top and a serious force, made me realize that everything does not have to be over the top and just keeping things simple sometime is what is BEST.


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