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Kolkata bids farewell to Durga Puja : City of Joy is sad & it's heartbreaking.

In all these years we've witnessed the celebration of Durga Puja in it's most beautiful manner. But this year, things were different admits the Corona Virus pandemic that has shaked the entire world. Durga Puja is the most important festival for the Bengalis. The entire Kolkata shines like the brightest star during this time of the year. But seeing the city of joy mourning in this time of festival is breaking hearts apart, all across the world. Empty pandals, visitors with masked faces, sanitizers in hand is like the most heartbreaking scene we could have ever witnessed during Durga Puja. The 5-day Durga Puja celebrations ends with Bijaya Dashami leaving Kolkata in an unimaginable pain. People have a lot of emotions with Goddess Durga, specially the Bengalis. And bidding farewell to her has always been difficult. But this year it was not just difficult, it was heart pinching.

Even the Visarjan ceremony was held with proper precautions and sanitization following the Covid-19 guidelines. In few pandals, women were seen in PPE kits for bidding the goddess farewell and sindur khela. The colourful spark which usually brings out the magic during the time of visarjan, were missing from the city of joy this year.

We just hope the pandamic ends soon and next year we get a chance to witness Durga Puja celebrations in it's most colourful form, like it has always been.

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