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Human Stories: Naureen Choudhry, Melbourne, Australia

Naureen Choudhry works in the State Government of Victoria, speaks five languages and is a citizen of the world. She is pursuing a Master's degree in International Relations at Monash University. She wants to continue on to a PhD and become an academic at a prestigious university. She feels that middle-age has given her aspirations a sense of urgency and she needs to shift gears and accelerate in working towards her goals. This includes being a candidate in Oakleigh Ward for the City of Monash council elections.

This is Naureen's story as shared with Affluent Society from Australia:

From the world to Melbourne

I was born in Pakistan but spent most of my childhood and primary school years in Kuwait where my parents worked. At the age of 12, my parents migrated to Canada and that was where I grew up, learnt French, went to University and obtained my undergraduate degree in Biology. My family then moved to New Jersey, USA and I landed my first job there. I have called Melbourne home since 2005. This is where I got married to my present husband and have two children together. I live in Australia but my parents are in the US. I am a glass half-full kind of a person so I don't dwell on the sad experiences in my life but I am sad that I can't visit my family in the current global pandemic environment. I hope the travel restrictions will be lifted soon so that we can meet our loved ones safely.

Becoming a strong woman

There are many happy moments in my life that I reflect on. I am really happy that I have had the opportunities of meeting some strong and bold women, who have inspired me, taken me under their wings as a mentor, and I hope that I can become that strong bold woman who can inspire other women to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Sometimes, it is a small gesture that goes a long way in making others happy or inspiring others. It gives me a huge amount of happiness when I see other women stand up for what they believe in and take positive steps to attain their goals.

Say no to discrimination

I would like fellow readers to consider becoming allies of people who are facing hardships and/or discrimination in their lives. There is unfortunately a lot of ignorance which breeds hate towards people who are "different". We can offer our support and stand against discrimination that comes in any and many forms. We first need to be aware of these types of discrimination and then take firm and strong steps to raise our voice against the haters.

What kind of a world will we leave for our next generation? This is a question I ponder over every day and every night. There are no easy answers, but I try to do what I can and what I think I need to do. We need to make the world a better place, in whatever capacity we can. My dream is to leave behind a legacy for which people will remember me in a positive light.

About Human Stories:

All of us have a story to share. Some are joyful. Some are teary. Some provide perspectives. Several are downright heartbreaking. Others are simply inspiring.

I've been receiving and exchanging stories of COVID-19 lockdowns with business and government leaders from around the world since June. As the third wave of the pandemic handcuffs some nations and borders, I turn my attention to you - readers and followers of Affluent Society - and your emails and feedback to me these past months. While I continue serving my sentence in Melbourne, I will try my best to tell your story.

This Human Stories Series is a cumulation of stories shared with Affluent Society by its readers and followers from around the world.

Disclaimer: a certain commission of every purchase through the ads goes to supporting Affluent Society and I. Purchasing through the ads is one of the best ways you can help support us. Thanks in advance.


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