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Human Stories: Ben Puah, Artist, Singapore

Ben Puah lives in Singapore and has worked as a full-time artist since 1997. His works are in the permanent collections of Singapore Art Museum, Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment Singapore, National Institute of Education Singapore, Vietnam Fine Art Association and Earl Lu Gallery Singapore, and in numerous private collections. He also exhibited his works in USA, Brazil, Germany, London, Iran, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines. Malaysia, Indonesia,and Australia.

This is Ben's happy story as shared with Affluent Society from Singapore:

I recall a happy and inspiring period of time. In 2005, I started my community based art project called “Colours of Life”. It was officially opened by the late President S.R Nathan. I partnered with the Singapore National Day Parade EXCO committee, Singapore CHINGAY, Singapore River Hongbao organising committee and numerous schools for my Colours of Life projects.

From 2005 till 2015, I set aside time for my project because I seriously believe communities that embrace diversity, creative expression and cultural activity are richer, stronger and more able to deal with social challenges. I hope my project allowed my participants to enjoy a sense of fulfillment, and helped to transform them into more positive, well-rounded human beings. In that 10 years, I am happy with what I had accomplished. Just seeing one person happy from my project is already a reward for me.

About Human Stories:

All of us have a story to share. Some are joyful. Some are teary. Some provide perspectives. Several are downright heartbreaking. Others are simply inspiring.

I've been receiving and exchanging stories of COVID-19 lockdowns with business and government leaders from around the world since June. As the third wave of the pandemic handcuffs some nations and borders, I turn my attention to you - readers and followers of Affluent Society - and your emails and feedback to me these past months. While I continue serving my sentence in Melbourne, I will try my best to tell your story.

This Human Stories Series is a cumulation of stories shared with Affluent Society by its readers and followers from around the world.

Disclaimer: a certain commission of every purchase through the ads goes to supporting Affluent Society and I. Purchasing through the ads is one of the best ways you can help support us. Thanks in advance.


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