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Fundraising initiative for ACS(I) cafeteria vendors

Do you miss the flavourful $2.50 ban-mian from your schooling days?

Do you miss the generous servings of pork rib noddles from your school's cafeteria?

credits: @studentsforacause (Instagram)

Despite the numerous disruptions brought about by COVID-19, a group of students from Singapore, Anglo Chinese School (Independent), have come together to launch an initiative to raise funds for the school's cafeteria vendors! During my time in ACS(I), I have been blessed with supportive teachers, who would always make time for consultations and a plethora of opportunities to showcase my talents.

However, it is also the unsung heroes like the cafeteria vendors that truly make my schooling experience unique! Through this fundraising initiative, we hope that the funds raised will help our cafeteria vendors tide through this period. Hence, under this initiative, all proceeds will go to the 15 cafeteria vendors and the pool cafe vendor in the form of NTUC vouchers (grocery vouchers).

One of the things that genuinely make ACS(I) unique is the strong school spirit, where Acsians identify with the colors - red - blue - gold. Over the past few months, there have been similar initiatives launched by a group of students from ACS Junior in hopes of raising funds for their school's cafeteria vendors.

Thus, if seeing this post reminds you of the good old times spent chattering away with your buddies during your lunch breaks, the times when you queued up for 20 minutes just to get your favorite bowl of noodles, we hope that you will lend us your kind and generous support in supporting this ground-up initiative!

The deadline for this fundraising initiative is this Friday, 12 June, at 11.59 pm UTC. The link for the fundraising page is as follows, . The password is "TBIYTB" Once again, thank you for your kind attention and support!


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