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Dance to the beat of Bevie's heart: Hey Boys Hey Girls - The Chemical Brothers

By Beverly Grafton

I have always had a fascination with the world around me, ever since I was little. In all honesty, I never watched the video to this track until today and in doing so, I found a warm feeling of familiarity in the story behind the video to Hey Boys Hey Girls by the Chemical Brothers. I recall they were pretty popular but always compared to their predecessors, The Prodigy. While they do hold their own, I'm still impartial to The Prodigy.

Regardless, Hey Boys Hey Girls was most enjoyable to "get down" to at the time and was great to have blasting when my ears were tired from having headphones or earphones on or in them all night. There was nothing obviously controversial about the track so Mummy never said much to me when I would play it. Except, of course, "Softer.


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