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Costa Rica: Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge

Pictures courtesy of Canoa Aventura

I have gone to this place 2 times in my life, and the first time I felt in love.

This place is a stunning natural refuge, Caño Negro is considered by many to be the third most important wetland in the world.

A must visit place when in Costa Rica, this sanctuary was named the ‘Wetland of International Importance’ in 1991, and is one of the most significant humid zones in the country.

Designated a ‘world protected area’ by conservation groups like Ramsar; Caño Negro is home to a number of the world’s rare plant, animal and bird species.

A fresh water lagoon, Caño Negro is over 800 hectares and is found between the Pacific lowland’s monsoonal climate and the Caribbean coastal area’s humid climate.

A region of extreme biological importance due to the immense variety of flora and fauna found here, Caño Negro is also a key migratory route for birds from the north.

You won't be disappointed if you come and visit this marvelous national Park.

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