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Bevie's Mood: Cuts Both Ways - Gloria Estefan

By Beverly Grafton

An unlikely song to feature after the mood I've had the last 3 days but I just did a fantastic gig with Wayne Sandz at the Basement Studios last night as part of the Singapore Latin American Arts & Cultural Centre's Online Concert Series and a song that popped up while doing our song list was this one from the very first Diva of my heart, Gloria Estefan. Although we settled on doing another song of hers, Don't Wanna Lose You (Si Voy A Perderte), just the mere thought of this title brought back memories of 12 year old me, painstakingly rewinding and playing my cassette to write out the lyrics to Cuts Both Ways and then singing each line to perfection before moving on to the next just to be able to escape into my fantasy world where I'm singing songs as beautifully written as this, to audiences as appreciative as they used to be back in the day when band budgets were not something you scrimped on.

Sigh...memories...hmm. Memories. I think we just might have a candidate for Friday's video!

Find a reason to smile before you sleep tonight and don't forget to celebrate yourselves people!


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