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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: The Thunderbirds - My Lonely Heart

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Local Pioneers of Singapore's Music Scene: The Thunderbirds - My Lonely Heart

I will never forget the first time I ever set foot into the now defunct Carriage Bar at York Hotel, together with my mum and her friends for a night of dancing and wholesome fun.

You see, although I'm child of 80s music, I was also brought up with a lot of 50s, 60s and 70s music, specifically what Mum would listen to. Not to mention watching all those movie musicals with all those wholesome romantic scenes and soundtracks, how could I not wish and hope to experience a night of dancing and innocent flirting? Mum decided that I was old enough to come along and that I knew enough steps to keep up with her so she took me. Boy was I bowled over and out of my league!

From Cha Cha to Rock and Roll, The Thunderbirds played EVERYTHING. Except Country, since they'd alternate with Singapore's cowboy and his band, Matthew and the Mandarins. If I ever learned a thing or two about performing, it was by watching Derek Fitzgerald, my friend Melissa's late father. His easy charm and smile made everyone in the room comfortable but it was his voice that got them going, as you'll see in the song I chose today.

I'm old enough now to admit that I'm the dreamy romantic (not the uncreative kind with candlelight dinners and boring parties) and the sweet torture of the story and emotion in "My Lonely Heart" brings me back to a time when I would send messages to the popular girl on behalf of the guy I had a crush on. That was my teenage reality and how I do not miss the invisibility treatment. But enough about me, unless you can relate. In that case, leave me a comment about how that has changed for you in adulthood.

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful yet melancholic tune as you reminisce your Thursday away...

Tune in tomorrow as I share my last song for the week from the one and only Sakura Teng!


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