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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: The Quests - Shanty

Local Pioneers of Singapore's Music Scene:

The Quests - Shanty

The Quests are Singapore's answer to The Shadows in my humble opinion. Their talent is apparent with all the collaborations they've done with artistes like Sakura Teng, Rita Chao and Keith Locke. I know I have mentioned this often in previous posts but there is merit in having an international sound and The Quests happens to be one such local band that has it. Their musical prowess really shows in their delivery. Without words, they're telling a story and the beautiful thing about the story they tell, is that just like art, it is open to interpretation.

Now, I particularly chose to share Shanty on this rather misty Wednesday, to add a little bit of ambience to an otherwise dreary day. As you listen to the heavily reverberated guitar warbling sweetly, allow yourself to float away to a distant vision of you lying on a beach somewhere, sipping on a cocktail, without a care in the world.

Yes, THAT is the power of The Quests.

Tune in to tomorrow when I talk all about The Thunderbirds and days of my life gone by. See ya then!!!


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