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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: Journey Into Jazz - Autumn Leaves

By Beverly Grafton

Jacintha - Autumn Leaves

I may not be the most patriotic Singaporean out there but when it comes to our music scene, I'm always proud of the talent that put us on the map internationally. So how could I have a Jazz playlist without including some of our very own?

And so, I present the haunting vocals of my Empress of Jazz, Jacintha.

At a time when everyone was belting their hearts out, one trying to out-screech the other, this diva ascended gracefully to her throne with soft, sultry tones, pristine diction, precision pitching and the linguistic capabilities of a language expert. The control with which Jacintha executes the closing and the ad libs thereafter make her a popular choice for many an audiophile.

I want to say so much more but instead I'll encourage you, my darling readers, to look out for my blog post tomorrow as I touch on Singapore's Jazz scene and the veterans who have given their all to bring life to it and keep it going.

In the meantime, happy Friday!!!


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1 Comment

Aug 21, 2020

Thank you Beverly Grafton

My music is available online on Spotify Tidal ITunes &

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