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Beverly's Weekly Playlist: Heritage - No Return

Local Pioneers of Singapore's Music Scene:

Heritage - No Return

By Beverly Grafton

Coming from a staunch Catholic background, I ended up late to the exposure of rock music. The most I ever heard about it was my dad used to rock out in Japan for 9 years with his band. So believe me when I say I was completely bowled over to discovery and meet Heritage back in 2013.

I had heard of them from time to time in passing but had no real clue to their identity or music until I met the band at JJ Atlante, although by then, they were left with one original member, Robert SK. I remember when they played a set for MBS Rocks, the premier rock event held in honor of the Rolling Stones concert back then and I was treated to a performance that included original member and lead singer, Ashley Jansen.

Today I have handpicked their song "No Return" to share with you, my lovely readers. Bask in the righteous sounds of a band that has so much to say, not just lyrically but also with their music mastery. Let it be your soundtrack for the day as you saunter out of your office with your in-ears in place.

Don't forget to tune in tomorrow when I tell you all about the Quests!


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