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Be wise to grow beyond negativity …

I refuse to Entertain Negativity. Life is too big and time is too short to get caught up in empty drama.

Negativity is nothing but the expression of criticism of or pessimism about something. It brings the confidence of the people being criticized to a very low level. Negativity has a power to completely fail a person. It’s a very strong feeling.

Did you know?

Effects of Negativity

1- A small amount of Negative brain activity can lead to weakened immune system.

2- Make you weaker and sicker.

3- It can affect your brain in slowing your actions.

4- You will be unable to sleep well.

5- You may enter into depression

6- You may withdraw yourself socially.

7- Relationships are also spoiled with negativity.

8- Work gets affected.

With negativity being a slow poison in any one’s life it becomes our responsibility to stay away from negativity. Are you aware that the trees are killed in Solomon island by speaking great amount of negative talks? If this Is the effect on the trees, think how it affects us as human being.

How can we deal with Negativity?

1- Take action as a person to say No when you feel that some negative feelings are shared in a group.

2- Consciously replace each negative thought with a positive thought. Do it until it becomes a habit.

3- Practice meditation

4- Self-Affirmation (Practice saying that “YOU are the BEST creation of GOD”. “Every positive thing is possible in one’s life.

5- Accept yourself and LOVE yourself.

6- Change the habits which deforms you and choose wise habits which forms you.

Maintain a journal, Write down your positive points. BE GRATEFUL for all that you have in your life including your work, health, wealth, people and GOD. Make a change note in your Habits. Take a habit and practice the good habit until it becomes a part of you.


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