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Milkybar Fudge Tart

Nestlé has enlisted incredible insta-baker @dessertsbyjoey who has devised a delicious Milkybar Fudge Tart featuring her favourite treats from Milkybar. It is easy to bake, follow and promises to deliver fun for the whole family.

Milkybar Fudge Tart – Serves 10

Here are the ingredients that you would be needing! Happy baking!

Tart shell pastry ingredients: ·        1 3/4 cup flour ·        113g melted unsalted butter ·        1/4 cup sugar ·        1 heaped tablespoon Nestlé Bakers’ Choice Cocoa ·        1 beaten egg and a splash of water Fudge filling ingredients: ·        1 1/2 (592g) cans of Nestlé Sweetened Condensed milk ·        1 Nestlé Milkybar Whirl ·        1 Nestlé Milkybar Cookie Bites ·        50g butter Topping ingredients: Crushed Nestlé Milkybar Cookie Bites Optional: Nestlé Bakers’ Choice Chocolate Melts Method: 1.      Pre-heat the oven to 160 degrees 2.      To make the tart shell pastry, combine the flour, sugar and cocoa in a mixing bowl using a fork. 3.      Add the melted butter slowly whilst still whisking with a fork. 4.      Add the beaten egg and mix until completely combined. 5.      In the greased 8-inch tart tin, press the mixture against the sides and bottom of the tart tin evenly with your hands. Trim off any excess. 6.      Refrigerate for 10 minutes 7.      Blind bake the tart for approx 25 minutes at 160 degrees. (Line the pastry with baking paper and fill inside with pie weights or beans) 8.      Then remove weights or beans and continue to bake for another 10 minutes or until lightly golden 9.      While the base cools, place condensed milk, Milkybar Whirl, Milkybar Cookies and butter into a saucepan and mix on a low heat until all ingredients have melted. 10.   Then bring heat to a medium, whilst stirring consistently for 3 minutes or until mixture slightly thickens. 11.   Pour fudge mixture into cooled tart shell and let it chill for a minimum of 2 hours. 12.   Top with crushed Milkybar Cookie Bites creating a moon shape on one side.


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