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Aged couple running "Baba Ka Dhaba" foodstall outside Delhi takes over the internet : Humanity wins.

Gaurav Wasan, a food journalist shared a video on his Instagram account @youtubeswadofficial that said : "80 year old couple selling best matar paneer. Inhe hamari help ko bahut zarurat he," Wasan's caption while posting the video. In this video, Kanta Prasad, a 80-year-old man is found shedding tears as he shares his struggles about working hard day & night to make a living. He has been working at his food stall since 1988. He is found mentioning in his video how he hardly has costumers the entire day. In the video, Kanta Prasad shows vessels containing dal, soya curry, and other dishes that are ready to be served, but with no customers at all. The couple said they don’t earn more than Rs 80 a day, despite starting their day from 6.30 am in the morning.

But ever since the video was uploaded it has received over 80,000 views on YouTube alone. Soon the video became viral and there was an outpouring of support from people from all over the country. From celebrities to political leaders, thousands of people came forward to support the hardwork of this elderly couple. #BabaKaDhaba and #Malviya Nagar is also trending on Twitter and multiple people posted images and videos requesting people to pay a visit to their shop. Things took a pleasant turn on Thursday, when huge numbers of people were seen outside his shop outlet. People in numbers have paid a visit to his shop and supported him by eating his meals. Netizens appreciate how a simple video turned out to be a life changer for someone. People appreciating the power of social media as it's the internet that gave huge popularity to this struggling couple, henceforth changing their life. Admist all the negativity going around, this humanitarian work is winning the internet.

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