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5 Things Clients Look for in a Photographer

Dear Photographers,

Now it's time to ask ourselves, what are the qualities clients look for in a photographer?

In this post, I will be sharing what I've observed over the years of experience as a freelancer. Take note that this is just a general summary for all the different clients that I've photographed, from weddings, events, to family portraits.

1. Shooting and Processing Style

Usually the first thing that your potential clients look at is the works published on your Facebook or Instagram. That first engagement determines whether your shooting style suits their taste or not. It could be the color toning, brightness, B&W, HDR, or the angles that you consistently shoot with that attracts them. Understanding what type of styles contemporary markets want is very important in attracting customers in this digitally driven market. So, if your style doesn't work, you may consider maneuvering towards another style that can attract new clients.

2. Creativity and Imagination

Another element that customers usually look for, is the creativity of the photographer. This is what I call, the 'Wow' factor. Are your works consistently giving viewers the 'Wow' factor? Can you deliver something that others cannot deliver? Can your photographs set you apart from other photographers in the market? This is a set of skills to be honed over time, not over night. Rome wasn't built in a day!

3. Photographer and Client Relationship

Photography is a service industry. Photographers are usually delivering intangible products (soft or digital copies). Hence, establishing good rapport during your first interview with the clients is very important. There are many ways to establish this rapport, and one of the best ways is to actively listen to your clients, and provide your solution catering to their needs. Follow up with them as the date of shooting approaches. Be clear about your workflow, manage their expectations in your delivery time. Always under promise and over deliver.

4. Make Me Look Good Factor

This is the ultimate factor that every wedding and portrait clients pay for in a photography service. This covers everything from slimmer waist, arms, face, to prettier skin tones. Sometimes, flattering images can overshadow everything else mentioned above!

5. Value

Do people see the value in your works? Are you overcharging your services without good quality works to back you up? If you're a seasoned photographer with multiple awards and recognition, you may instantly get the trust from clients, and it is easier to sell your services at higher price. But if you are just starting out, the trust level may be low, you may consider charging less to gain more experience and build up your portfolio first. You may start tweaking your price as your works improve. Remember, always over deliver!


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Stephanie Goh
Stephanie Goh
14. Nov. 2020

love your photos!

Gefällt mir
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